Five Tricks to Ranking Higher in Google

Hire an internet marketing services online seo company – the biggest trick that the lower quality agencies will never tell you. There are others though that you can do yourself. It’s common knowledge that SEO takes time. It can take you years to build up the authority of your domain and to achieve high page ranks. Before you get into tricks, make sure you are working with an SEO service provider who know what they are doing. SEO is generally not a fast moving form of marketing but there are some known shortcuts that can help you rank higher in Google. Here are four ways to help you achieve higher page ranks in the world’s largest search engine.

Create Quality Content

Content is king and it always has been. Google loves great quality content because it knows that people routinely count on the search engine to find the information they need. This is why you should be focused on creating high quality content that is just asking to be shared. When people see your quality content, they’ll likely to link to it and share it and Google will reward you when your content is shared on other websites and blogs. Since Google favours websites that frequently add fresh and relevant content, you should be adding new content to your site on a regular basis.

Improve Site Speed

When it comes to SEO, website speed is very important. As technology improves, people have become less patient. They expect to find the information they’re looking for in seconds. This means people want websites to load quickly. To find out how your site is doing in terms of speed, use a free site speed tool you can easily find online. If you discover that your site ranks significantly lower than the industry average, speed it up by:

  • Using a simple website design
  • Optimizing your images by scaling them to reduce page load times
  • Reduce server response time by switching to a faster DNS provider
  • Use fewer plugins
  • Reduce redirects

See What Your Competitors Are Doing

In order to rank higher than your direct competitors, you’ll need to know what they’re doing to get them to rank high in the search results. Do a little competitor analysis to find out what your direct competitors are doing to succeed that you’re not. You can use an SEO research software platform to do this. Just start by searching for one of your most important keyword terms. Then see where you rank in relation to your competitors.

Grow Natural Links

A key ranking factor used by Google is the number of natural, quality inbound links you have.  In fact, ranking without these links is very difficult. To grow your natural links you can:

  • Submit your site to niche directories
  • Guest post on relevant blogs
  • Take part in reciprocal linking as long as you don’t go overboard
  • Leave comments on blogs & forums
  • Start a blog

The more quality links you have pointing to your site the better. Never underestimate the significance of link building when it comes to ranking high in search results.

Avoid Using the Most Common Keywords

It’s very hard to compete and rank well if you’re routinely using the most well-known keywords. That’s why you need to think outside the box when coming up with keywords to use. Look for niche keywords and phrases people are using to look for the types of products and services you offer.  Of course, you should use the common keywords people are using to find your products and services, but include some keyword variations in the mix. Use a keyword tool to like Google’s Keyword Planner to search for new keyword suggestions.

Learn how Google search ranking works to help you better understand what you can do to push your site up in the search engine ranking pages or SERPs. To get your site ranked high in search results, you’ll have to do some hard work as ranking is never easy. By doing some research and following the tips above, your site should start to rank higher to boost your traffic and bring you more business.

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